“Yep,I thought so just now,I will ask her in a moment。”
Yang Shiyun nodded and agreed。
“Ugh,Did not discuss with Ruoxi in advance,And brought back two people home,I don’t know if Ruoxi will be upset。”
Qin Liang said suddenly。
“I can think of a way to send that old woman to the orphanage,That little girl,You can only solve it by yourself。”
Yang Shiyun said with a smile。
“That little girl……Ugh,I’ll be incorporated into the Rose Army from now on,Otherwise?But she is too young now,Can only be raised at home。”
Qin Liang smiled bitterly and said helplessly。
“Hahahaha!but……You are right,I still admire you for this,At least it means that you are actually a kind-hearted person。”
Yang Shiyun said seriously。
“I have been kind for 30 years,Did you know that I am kind today??”
Qin Liang deliberately asked with disdain。
“nonsense!I only met you for a few days!I always thought you were a big-tailed wolf!cut。”
Yang Shiyun said disdainfully。
“OK OK,Let’s get in the car first,Otherwise those little girls will be impatient,Let’s go home and talk again。”
Qin Liang smiled and said,Then he stretched out his hand without thinking about it, and went to hold Yang Shiyun’s waist,Hand out,He suddenly remembered that he could not make such an intimate act to Yang Shiyun in front of his family,So I hurriedly retracted my hand!
“Be careful!Don’t be overwhelmed!”
Yang Shiyun saw Qin Liang’s actions,Although I want to laugh,But I seriously reminded him。