“Gone。The league doesn’t seem to want to make this matter bigger,After all, the injuries on both sides are not serious。”
The result came out,The Lakers players are not satisfied。
Buckley deliberately provoked!Take the lead to attack O’Neill,Was only banned for one game?
Although this era,Conflicts in the stadium are endless,As long as you are not hitting the audience,Nothing will happen。But this penalty is too low。
O’Neill indignant,I was beaten up,Actually banned that guy for one game?
“Bruce was not punished???”Everyone suddenly found that someone seemed to be ignored。
“No。。。”The referee thinks Bruce is walking normally,Accidentally hooked Tomjanovich。
“Keep playing,Kobe。It’s all on you。”O’Neill stretched out his fist。
“Ok。”Kobe punches。
Buckley,I want to win if I play this little trick?
Just not as you wish!
Crawford let the players back on the court,Announce the game to continue。
The Lakers’ lineup adjusted toPGKobeSGEddieSFBowenPFHorryCCampbell。
Houston lineupPGDrexlerSGJim JacksonSFMario AveryPFACGreenCOlajuwon。