Because these stories often have deep meaning after listening。
Hidden in the depths,Is often not a good thing。
And the more I think about it, the more disturbing。
Just like the story of Wang Yufei just now,Let Tim·The more cook Cook tastes, the more he can feel the smell is not right。
For example, when this friend goes to the train station, he hits which thief finds him?
Are you insinuating that he came to Huaxia??
There are even three of these thieves、Five together,Not to mention,Put it all down。
Is it the alliance formed before insinuating them??
It means that even if the alliance puts pressure on,He is not afraid?
Direct chaos and rubbing the entire alliance on the ground?
So I can’t listen to this story,The more you think, the more anxious。
“What does Mr. Cook think of this story?”
Tim·Cook nodded,Although a group of panic,But behaved very calmly,And sighed:“Ok,This story is very meaningful。Chinese culture really has a long history,Any story,Can be thought-provoking。”
Wang Yufei nodded:“Do you still stick to the opinion just now?According to the original plan,Still have us give in?Everyone is an adult,Since I wanted to take it all,If you fail, you have to stand at attention。Like a thief in a train station,Since I want to get something for nothing,Of course, be prepared to be used as a punching bag。Are you right。”
Being humiliated again and again,Jean Tim·Cook feels like sitting on pins and needles。
He really doesn’t want to stay in the conference room of Changxiang Technology for a minute,I don’t want to hear a word of Huaxia’s story。
“Twelve lithography machines,The first batch of six units arrived in China in three months,The remaining six units will be delivered in half a year。Two of the lithography machines are Apple’s apologies for some unpleasant things before,The price and shipping costs of the other ten lithography machines are deducted from Apple’s authorization to take the brain-computer chip,how is it?”Tim·Cook directly offered the conditions。