Insufficient mental quality and adaptability,Can’t be a good business person at all!
Later I became a manager and became a boss,Higher requirements in this regard。
Don’t think I might be stupid in Wang Yu, Lai Yumin and Li Xiaolu,But that’s just because I’m too trusting and defenseless。
Otherwise, based on their IQ and ability,If you want to lie to me, there is not much chance of success!
Du Xin is right,The more unconditionally trusted people around you,The deeper it hurts you!
because,These people know you better,Know your Achilles’ heel!
It also makes you unprepared!
Less than three minutes,I came to the door of IKEA Express Hotel。
I have used another phone to send WeChat to Song Wei,Let him call Huang Liang,I said something happened at home,Let him go back quickly。
Song Wei responded immediately,immediately!
When I found the location to park,I have heard the phone ringing from Huang Liang。
“Wait a moment,Answer a call from my side。”Huang Liang said。
“can,hang on!”My tone is very firm。
Huang Liang froze for a while:“Ok。”
He quickly answered the phone,But I should have gone a long way,So I can’t hear clearly。
Huang Liang quickly answered the phone and said:“Sorry police officer,Something happened to my house temporarily,Going home soon for treatment。If it is not necessary,I’m leaving now!”
I actually gave him an excuse to leave,This way I can easily see what Bai Yanni is in。
“You can leave now,My colleague has arrived at the door of the IKEA hotel,Keep communication open,We will call you。”
I have already entered the revolving door of the hotel,Say to the front desk:“Take me to 302 immediately,Official business!”