“Don’t,Miss Zhao,give me one more chance,I really like you,Miss Zhao……”
The man’s words are not finished yet,Xia Chenglong stopped suddenly,Almost bumped into each other。
Just when the man’s eyes overlapped with Xia Chenglong,A cold coolness rises from the back,Tell him intuitively,If you provoke the other person, there is absolutely no good fruit。
“you,you,What do you want to do as a broken bodyguard?”Zhang Bo asked tremblingly。
“My sister doesn’t like you,Understand?”
The man who had just been a brother-in-law recognized instantly,Don’t even dare to say extra words,Run away。
When everyone is quiet in a mysterious state,There was another commotion behind,The same amazing four-seater woman,A completely different style from Zhao Shaojiu,Mengdie appeared in front of the world in a light blue wide-sleeved fairy dress behind her。
Her temperament belongs to the kind of elusive taste,Sometimes naughty and seductive,Occasionally full of dignity and elegance,No one can figure it out。
The emergence of Mengdie has caused chaos,What is even more unimaginable is that they are walking in the opposite direction。
“Sister jiuer,Long brother,Don’t come here unharmed!”