On April 26, the Beijing Spring TV Fair started online.In “Beijing New Audiovisual Recommended Films”, there have been too many alternative scripts with Beijing as the background of the story.These include eight dramas such as “South of Beijing” starring Wang Lei and Yuan Shanshan, “Hey Shichahai” starring Lian Yiming, “Beijing West City Story” starring Li Chen and Wang Xiaochen.”To the South of Beijing” is directed by Zhou Youchao, director of “The Bright Days of Life”, and is screened by Wang Zhili, the screenwriter of “Love in the Courtyard”, starring Wang Lei, Yuan Shanshan, Cao Yunjin, Liu Wei, Han Tongsheng, and Xie Yuan.The episode is called a realistic alternative TV series for workers in the Changxindian railway factory in southwest Beijing.The main storyline of the play was introduced from the early years of the Republic of China to the early days of the founding of New China. The protagonists Kang Benshan, Wang Ranqiu, Wan Chengshun, etc. grew up in the most prosperous “mouth” and “seam” in the ancient town of Changxindian in southwest Beijing.Workers in Xindian Railway Factory, they dream of “being a big craftsman, repairing the most difficult machines and building the best trains”.Under the leadership of the party, they united the workers to fight together, set up workers ‘clubs, protected the technical backbone, resisted the Japanese aggression, arrested the Kuomintang agents, etc., and devoted all their efforts in the historical process of national independence, national prosperity, and the rise of industry.”Hi, Shichahai” is directed by Fu Ning, director of “Family Portrait” and “Dove Whistle”, starring Liu Peiqi, Lian Yiming, Cao Cuifen, Zhang Lingxin, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Xilin, Wu Lei and Niu Li.The show has a total of 46 episodes, focusing on an old Beijing company living in Shichahai. Known as “China Connect”, David unexpectedly broke through the home of Beijing’s famous chef Zhuang Uncle, whose real purpose is to approach Zhuang Jing, Zhuang’s daughter.David learns Taijiquan from him to shoot Uncle Zhuang ‘s ass, and his relationship with Uncle Zhuang increases rapidly. It is logical to aim at his apprentice . Uncle Zhuang ‘s eldest son Zhi Cun has a stable job and has been pursuing his love.Rebirth.However, the regretful ex-wife returned to his life . The old third Zhibin was righteous and bold.Typical Ning’s character of succumbing to one’s face, people become more and more uneasy in middle age, various investment and financial management are pitted, and because of trivial issues that arouse family conflicts, they are eventually driven out of the banker.After suffering the heat of the world, he made up his mind to change the past and finally get forgiven by his family.”Hi, Shichahai” stills.The picture comes from the network “Beijing Xicheng Story” also known as “Spring in Happiness”, directed by Yang Asia, the director of “Nine Phoenixs at Home” and “Hey, Old Man”, starring Li Chen, Wang Xiaochen, Su Qing, Che Xiao, Liu Lili, a total of 44Collection, is currently in the stage of submission.The theater troupe lived in Beijing’s “Happiness” Chen Waer, Li Qiang, Hu Meihua, Wu Xikai and other young people’s decades of life growth experience, a unique perspective to show the life experience and changes of the three generations.Ordinary people reflect the era style of the “small people” through unremitting efforts to change their own destiny and pursue ideals and a better life in the context of the big era.Stills of “Beijing Xicheng Story”.The picture comes from the network “Old Neighbors”. With the life changes of the protagonist Ding Wenbai living in the courtyard, and the main line of the separation and disengagement of several neighbors in the compound, the background changes from the 1980s to the present era.The ups and downs of life stories experienced by Zhou Yang, Gao Hong and Wang Qiao and their predecessors.Currently the script is under preparation, tentatively directed by the first-line director and starring the first-line actors.”Southern Police Detective” is headed by Li Lu, the director of “The Name of the People”. He noticed that in the wave of deepening the reform of public security, four young civilian policemen with special expertise were taken by the first batch of police forces to the police station in the depths of Hutong.The story of acting as a “child police”.It is reported that the play has both traditional “old Beijing” and “hutong” elements, as well as “idol” and “youth” elements that attract young audiences.The play is currently in preparation.”The Young Man Under Zhengyang Gate” is the director of “Love in the Courtyard”, “Under the Zhengyang Gate” and “The Little Woman under the Zhengyang Gate”, and the screenwriter Wang Zhili cooperated again, starring Ni Dahong and Hao Jinming, causing Tang Chen, Liu Su, and Xu OathIn addition, Yi Bai waited for six or seven post-80s and post-90s young people studying in the United States with different ideas, and the same idea of “succession” returned to China one after another.By describing contemporary young people, the play takes charge of the family business in different ways.When career and love, family and affection, along with Tang Chen and the catkins ‘bumpy love, Tang Chen and his parents’ complicated emotional experience, until Tang Chen completely repented, when the positive energy came, the lovers eventually became dependents, and family harmony came back.The play is currently under preparation.”The Place Where Dreams Begin” 1978, directed by Liu Yu, the screenwriter of “War of the Old Cow Family” and “Front Blade”, tells about the city of Beijing in the 1970s. Many children of the large courtyard unexpectedly met at the Shichahai ice rink.A generation of stubborn heroes, clever and clever, Yi Jing Yuntian’s “big brother” Song Jingsheng and brothers and sisters of different surnames, Gao Ganshu son Wen Guoqing fell in love with the same woman Luo Dongna.But bright and sexy, and she has a strong sense of control, she has to share the memorable “big brother” with the ordinary and honest, sister who has no self, Xin Pingping, so hell and heaven are separated by shoulders.Thoroughly restrained and thorough, read the cool “angel” Wen Xiaoya and the rebellious “little Warcraft” Sun Jianjun, the loyal and infatuated “mixed” Xin Heizi and other different characters, their fate is intertwined, chaos intertwined .Directed by Lv Ying, the deputy director of “Embroidered Spring Sword” and “The Best of Us”, focusing on urban women’s emotions, she pointed out the inspirational growth stories of the three girls in Beijing from 2007 to 2019.The play shows the changes of the big era through small characters.Adhering to the concept of “the house is used for living, not for speculation”, it shows the love and hatred between the three people and the house, showing that although the young people in the new era have all kinds of pressure and confusion, they can still stick to their heartLaughing at life shows the history of the growth and struggle of the post-80s, and at the same time reflects the development and changes of China’s Chaoyang in the past ten years.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading He Yan