Jiang Fan’s first reaction was Ding Yi,I’m sure Ding Yi wants to get together with herself,Wang Yuan just went out and called Wenwen away,She must know that she is here,Thinking like this,I hurriedly put the note into my pocket。
Wang Jiadong is out,Said:“Who spoke just now?”
“Oh,Is a waiter。”Jiang Fan replied。
Wang Jiadong thought maybe the waiter came in to pour water,Didn’t say anything,Sit down and drink。
Jiang Fan suppressed the joy of seeing Ding Yi soon,He closed his eyes,Keep leaning on the sofa,do not want to talk。
Wang Jiadong says:“Are you tired。”
Jiang Fan said:“Is too much alcohol。”
“To say you drank too much tonight,I won’t believe。”
“But I do feel dizzy。”
Wang Jiadong looked at his face changed from the sun,Said:“You haven’t rested well these two days,too tired,Or else,You go back to rest,Let’s talk when you come back。”
Jiang Fan closed his eyes,Said:“Also good。”
Wang Jiadong stood up,Said:“I have to go back soon,Tell you a good news,Wenwen is happy。”