[How to make coffee at home]_How to do_Homemade

Coffee has long been a favorite drink for many people. In life and work, people always see people drinking coffee. The scent of coffee cannot be mentioned in any drink, and drinking coffee often has a lot of health effects.Help, now more people like to make coffee at home. The process of making coffee is a beautiful process of enjoying time, and each time you make coffee, you can make different flavors.

How to make coffee at home? Choose your favorite coffee brewing method. Some people like to use a convenient and fast American coffee maker to make coffee. Some people prefer to enjoy the romantic and elegant taste of the siphon (syphon) coffee., Mocha pot’s Italian style, or the flavor of hand-filtered coffee.

In any case, the brewing method suitable for others may not be the best for you. Selecting the coffee brewing method that suits you best and favorite is the first condition for enjoying the fun of DIY coffee brewing.

Make coffee with good water in a cup of coffee, more than 98% in water.

The potential of water is beyond doubt!

If you use poorly brewed coffee, even the best coffee is a waste of effort-because poor water can destroy the best coffee.

Even a simple filter kettle can filter out many bad substances for tap water, so the brewed coffee is more aromatic, strong and mellow.

Making coffee is just like making tea. Avoid using distilled water. If the quality of your tap water is poor, using clean mountain spring water is also an ideal method.

Enough amount of coffee beans. The amount of coffee beans used must be sufficient. Using too little coffee powder may cause the taste to be light and tasteless, but you do not need to put too much at one time.

The standard amount of coffee is: use two flat spoons (about 15 grams) of coffee beans (powder) to make a cup (about 180cc) of coffee.

Water temperature is important. Generally speaking, the most suitable water temperature for brewing coffee is 88 ° C.
Between 94 degrees, avoid using hot boiling water to brew coffee.

Let the water stand for 1?
2 minutes before brewing coffee.

Keep the coffee pot clean. Do not bring the concept of making tea to the coffee pot. After each use, you need to clean it immediately and keep it in a ventilated place to keep it clean and dry.

Precautions Take the coffee in time after it is brewed, because the flavor of the brewed coffee will gradually lose, and the taste will be lost.

So after cooking, it is best to finish in ten minutes.