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Dried tofu is what we often call tofu, which is a kind of soy products.

Dried tofu has the nutrition and deliciousness of soy products. Frying with peppercorns is a very simple dish. If you like to eat meat, then add some pieces of meat.

The dried tofu is thin and glutinous, cut into strips or slices, stir-fried with sharp chili peppers, thickened with starch, and wrapped in flavor.

Green and yellow, spicy and appropriate.

Practice one: 1.

Wash dried tofu and cut into strips.


Wash and cut the peppers into a knife.


Cut the lean pork and garlic and ginger and use all the ingredients.


Add a little oil to the bottom of the pot and add garlic and ginger to sauté.


Add pork.


Fry until the pork becomes discolored.


Add soy sauce and pepper powder.


Add dried tofu.


Stir-fry evenly.


Add some water and bring to a boil.


Add cut pepper and season with salt.


Finally, use water starch to thicken.



Method two: 1. Cut the dried tofu into diamond-shaped pieces and put them on the plate for later use.

2. Clean the green peppers, cut into diamond-shaped pieces and put them on the plate for later use.

3. Wash the carrots, cut into diamond-shaped pieces, and put the onion in the dish for later use.

4, put oil in hot pan, sauté carrots, green onions.

5. Pour the dried tofu into a wok and stir-fry, add some water and simmer for a while.

6, add green pepper, salt, stir fry.

7. Add MSG at the end.

8. The fragrant dried tofu with chili pepper is on the table.
Method three: 1 dry tofu cut into strips, hot water simmer 2 hot pepper cut into slices, if you can not eat very spicy, then remove the seeds and white capsules of hot pepper, can greatly reduce the spicy hot pepper dried tofu.

3 Add the right amount of cooking oil to the hot pot, add the minced garlic and stir-fry. Add the dried tofu and stir-fry. 4 Add about half a bowl of water.

Cover the pot and simmer for 5 minutes.
Dried tofu with pepper.
5 Add the pepper strips and stir-fry.

6 Finally, use wet starch to simmer, turn off the heat, and add 2 drops of sesame oil to the plate