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[Can pregnant women eat bitter gourd?
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Bitter gourd is a common food on our table, and it is a very common vegetable. It has a good effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, and it can also help us to promote gastrointestinal motility. It is very good for improving digestion and malabsorption problems.Effect, but whether pregnant women can eat bitter gourd has also puzzled many people, let ‘s analyze it below.

In fact, pregnant women can eat bitter gourd, bitter gourd is a kind of bitter vegetables, which can help clear heat and reduce heat, and can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, especially during pregnancy, when pregnant women have poor digestion and appetite decline, eat appropriatelySome bitter gourds help digestion and increase appetite.

At the same time, bitter gourd itself has a good effect of lowering blood lipids and lowering blood sugar. Scientific consumption by pregnant women during pregnancy can help prevent diabetes, hypertension, and gestational diabetes.

And in summer, the weather is relatively hot, so it is easy to have fever, thirst, heat stroke and other problems. This is also uncomfortable for pregnant women. At this time, eat some bitter gourd or squeeze the bitter gourd into juice.As a result, they all have a good effect of reducing summer heat, and can also prevent pregnant women during pregnancy, such as constipation caused by fire.

However, pregnant women can eat bitter gourd. They should also pay attention to the principle of proper amount. Excessive consumption may cause some adverse effects on the body. Because bitter gourd is cold, the irritation caused by excessive consumption on the stomach may cause diarrhea in pregnant women.Eating bitter gourd during pregnancy must be properly eaten, and people with a cold spleen and stomach should avoid eating bitter gourd.