“Ok,Where can we find such a strong kicker?”
“This is the third condition I want to say,Wang Yufei and I don’t really want to be guests,But as a kicker,We are very interested!”
314 Queuing to visit China(5/5)
Of course, Gu Mingyi could not agree to such an amazing condition.。
I wanted to invite a guest,Who knows that people probably regard themselves as a producer,The request made by the opening is really outrageous,Even the competition system wants to change。
But if all arrogance and prejudice are left behind,think carefully,This is not a bold innovation。
After all, now after the sixth issue of Burning Brain,Already showing fatigue。
Can we continue to broadcast the seventh episode,The station is still arguing。
But one thing Gu Mingyi is certain,If the seventh issue has not changed and improved,Then the eighth issue is about to die。
How to seek innovation and change is a topic that the program group has been discussing。
no way,The constant reference standard for whether a variety show is excellent or not is the ratings。
Even if the show aims at high mountains,Positive energy,Nobody will have no influence,Reality is so cruel。