And the other side,Malone is completely different from Horry and Big Ben。
“Pick and roll!Stockton secretly pass the ball without looking at people,Hitting the ground!”
“Malone dribbled the ball and directly carried Horry to the basket!Strongly score the ball before Shaq completes his defense!And caused Horry to foul!2+1!Malone wiped out Kobe’s three-point advantage!He gestured with his huge biceps,Nodding!”
“IndeedMVPTop,Karl Malone has not finished the first quarter of the game,Has made the Lakers4Defensive foul!too frightening!Single section7Free throws!”
“Malone made a steady free throw,Sloan nodded repeatedly from the sidelines,at this moment,It still depends on the performance of the two veterans of Utah to stabilize the situation。”
“this!Watch carefully every movement of Karl Malone,I hope to wait for you next time,Can suppress him without fouling!”Kirtrambis hammered Wallace’s huge deltoid muscle hard.。
Big Ben frowned,Although he prevented Malone in the first round,But behind Malone quickly adjusted his offensive style,I can’t strangle him at all,On the back instead2Foul。If there is no foul,Big Ben thinks he can still play against Ma Long,But foul,He didn’t dare to do all the action。
“Don’t worry,Second half,You will have a chance to perform。”Byron Scott also persuaded Bowen。
“I know。”
“The offensive ability of the Lakers’ lineup system,Too strong?”Cole’s eyes widened,As a point guard with a coaching dream,He knows exactly how powerful the Lakers’ tactics are。
“Entered again,Dell Curry got in too。Lakers consecutive hits!This offensive system Jazz is a little confused!The dual-core engines of Kobe and Shaq are too powerful。”Harper also slapped his tongue again and again,The Jazz’s defense is definitely among the top five in the league,But they can’t do anything with the Lakers’ offense。
“But the Jazz has hit each other。”Rodman is still wearing sunglasses and a big gold chain in the locker room。
And the Zen master on one side also frowned。What the Bulls players think of seeing the Lakers’ performance is relatively simple,But he knows that this system can reverse a seriesXfactor!
If the Bulls meet the Lakers to offer this lineup,The result is the same as Jazz,Explode with the Lakers?Can still suppress every point?