Yang Zhi has watched Qin Liang for a long time,Just then asked。
“If you don’t understand, just ask。”
Qin Liang smiled at his comrades who share life and death。“You are obviously a rich second generation,You don’t have to do anything and you can’t spend enough money,Why did you become a special soldier?,A career that might lose your life at any time?”
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One thousand four hundred and seventy chapters What to do if you have a son
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Yang Zhi asked directly。
“Every boy had a dream of being a soldier when he was young……And my dad used to be a soldier,I’ve probably been fascinated since childhood,So I chose to be a soldier。”
After Qin Liang thought about it seriously,Just a serious answer。
“Then your parents are great enough!The conditions at home are so good,I can agree that you go to the battlefield of bullets and bullets!How big is their heart!”
Ling Mofeng exclaimed again with emotion。
“It might not be them!Hahahaha……”