Inadequate errors in continuous training, the Chinese women’s football team in the replacement still need to run in
The Chinese women’s youth record of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss ends the journey of the 2019 East Asian Cup.If it is said that the Chinese women’s football team can still play in the first round against South Korea, but the second round lost to Japan 3-0, it is difficult to find the direction of the Chinese women’s team.After the game, Jia Xiuquan bluntly described the gap with his opponent using the words “not as good as others”.Jia Xiuquan believes that the team is not stable enough.Figure / Osports In this game, the Chinese women’s football team lost two goals. One was Zhang Rui, a midfielder who missed the ball, and the other missed because of Peng Shimeng.Jia Xiuquan admits that mistakes on the court are a reflection of the team’s “abnormal” state.In the Xianghe camp training in October, a large number of new internationals entered the team. After some screening, the newcomers and the internationals who participated in the French World Cup formed a new national team.This time the East Asian Cup, the team is in a small replacement process, this is the “unstable” brought about by the team’s reconstruction.But the reason why the team played poorly in the current East Asian Cup is more important because of the “instability” of the personnel in the training process.In the three training sessions before the East Asian Cup, the team has been in a “lack of people” state: Xianghe training stage, 8 internationals who participated in the World Cup participated in the military games in Wuhan; during the training in Yongchuan, these players also lacked the team because of the rest.Co-training; then go to Wuhan for training before the East Asian Cup. Seven Jiangsu Suning internationals went to South Korea to participate in the AFC Champions League with the club and missed at least one week of training.Among them, the absence of Suning International’s Wuhan training has the greatest impact on the team’s break-in, because almost 7 of them are the main players in the East Asian Cup.Guomeng Peng Shimeng participated in the AFC Champions League with Suning. She admitted this in the pre-match interview.Jia Xiuquan also said that Jiangsu players have a short time to return to the team, and the next step is to strengthen the run-in.In addition, the player’s physical fitness is one of the reasons for the abnormal performance.The above-mentioned more than ten national air forces have experienced the World Cup, league, military games, the Yongchuan four-nation game, the women’s football AFC multi-line battle, and then play the East Asian Cup has reached the physical limit.Two months before the Olympic preliminaries, this unsuccessful East Asian Cup experience sounded the alarm for the renewed Chinese women’s football team.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading He Yan