2019 Entertainment Person of the Year 丨 Li Xian: The actor cannot decide on the heat
Sauna Nightnet: After participating in the broadcast of the work, will the fans bundle the two actors together as CPs?Li Xian: All an actor has to do is to interpret the work and make the audience believe the role and the relationship between the characters in the work.It ‘s not up to us to control how the actor and character are viewed by the audience, just be happy.Photo courtesy of the artist: Sauna Nightnet: A large number of fans may just be attracted by a work, or more attracted by the characters in the play, and the heat comes and goes quickly. This is not the first time this has happened to you.From the perspective of actors, do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing?Li Xian: Everyone can be attracted by the characters in the script, which is of course a happy thing for the actors.As an actor, all I have to do is do my own job and do a good job in a down-to-earth manner, and the audience will be attracted to me by the roles in the play, which is also part of the effort I put in the actor.Kinds of feedback and recognition.There are also changes in popularity. This is the law of the market, and we cannot decide.Li Xian and Yang Zi co-starred in this year’s hit drama “Dear, Love”.Sauna Night Net: There are so many people who are red and red. Nowadays, many words and deeds will be followed by many eyes. Those details that are over-amplified, misunderstood or abused, are all a chain reaction of “red”, is it worth?Li Xian: Everything has its two sides. Indeed, because of the so-called “red”, more directors, producers, and production teams have known Li Xian. I have received more scripts and more choices.Negro.But no matter what these are, or what you say is over-focused, excessively enlarged details, misunderstandings and abuses, these will not affect this attribute of me being an actor.Sauna Nightnet: Social media lacks a lot of personalized things, but it is more commercial. Do you want to expose your true self more to the public, or for other reasons?Li Xian: In fact, there will not be a lot of personalized things, and it is not that I do n’t want to expose my true self more to the public, but that I have lost more and more freedom after being paid attention to by more and more people.Including freedom on the Internet, my words and deeds will be amplified or even over-interpreted, but I will still share my daily life, the movies I watch and the music I listen to with you on social platforms.Sauna Night Net: Looking back at the various things that happened to me in this year, an ordinary actor, who was exploded because of a hot show, is facing work density, hot discussion, and increased discussion. What is the mood?Li Xian: Let’s take it as usual.I am more concerned about the increase in work density. As an actor, I have less time to prepare for roles and experience life. I will be a little worried, and I have to learn to balance these.The same question and answer: Sauna Night Network: Do you have a hair loss implant?If not, can you reveal the secret to maintaining the volume?Li Xian: There will be damage to hair loss when wearing a costume in a costume play, but there is no way.Not recently.Sauna Night: How often do you go to social media to search for your name?Li Xian: This is not fixed.Photo courtesy of the artist: Sauna Night Net: I have encountered several water reversals in 2019. Please tell me in detail about the water reversal process you experienced.Li Xian: If you encounter problems, don’t blame it.Sauna Nightnet: Do you think you have a loved physique?Li Xian: Yes.Do 20 million fans on Weibo love me now?Hahahahahaha.Sauna Night: What is the most frequently purchased online?What is the specific frequency?Li Xian: Electronic products, this depends on the mood.Sauna Night Net: When was the last stay up late?Why stay up late?Li Xian: Make a big night show.Sauna Night: Share a thing you think is “too difficult” recently.Li Xian: When I want to walk freely on the street, I feel “too difficult.”Sauna Nightnet: Are there any artists who want to “disc” (referring to cooperation)?Li Xian: Yes.Liang Chaowei, Zhang Zhen.Photo courtesy of the artist: Sauna Night Net: Is there one thing in 2019 that for you is “we don’t know, we dare not ask”?Li Xian: The boss said to give me a holiday?Sauna Night Net: Use three words to describe your 2019, and use three words to describe your expected 2020.Li Xian: 2019: giving, harvesting and ongoing.I made two movies and broadcast two dramas. Everything else includes watching movies, reading, fitness and sports are also in progress.2020: release, release, release.I hope that all of my film works will meet the audience in 2020.Sauna Nightnet: Which of the two hot searches related to you impressed you?why?Li Xian: The recent PDD said that only Li Xian can play him, which is quite interesting.There is always saying that I bump into my face with others.Sauna Night: Recently, social media has been dominated by “2017 → 2019”. If you choose, you will send some kind of comparison pictures or events.Li Xian: 2017 “Heshen” aired, “Sword Dynasty” entered the group; 2019 “Dear, Love” aired, “Sword Dynasty” aired.Three important plays.In July 2017, “River God” started broadcasting.In December 2017, “Sword Dynasty” started. In July 2019, “Dear, Love” started broadcasting.In December 2019, “Sword Dynasty” will air.Sauna Nightnet: Are you satisfied with your current working status, are there high-intensity, high-pressure, high-stress, and persistent overwork situations?Li Xian: Still adapting to the busy rhythm, but hope to have more free time.Sauna Night Net: What is the most common bad habit you want to change in 2020?Li Xian: No, I think life is okay, and I do n’t want to change it.Sauna Night Net: What moment was the most famous “famous scene” in the past year?Li Xian: On the first day of the broadcast of “Dear, Love”, it feels like finally expecting the baby to be born.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu editor Wu Dongni proofread by Zhao Lin artist